“Continued Pursuit” 1972.

Original lithograph in black on Arches paper.

HC signed, 7/30.

In 1972, Riopelle created the series called Les suites, large lithographs in white and black on Arches paper. These 160 x 117 cm prints were the largest ever made in Europe.

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Jean Paul Riopelle


Jean Paul Riopelle is one of the most significant Canadian artists of the
twentieth century. Attracted to painting from an early age, he enrolled in the
art program at the École du Meubles de Montréal in 1943, where he met the
painter Paul-Émile Borduas (1905-1960). This step is decisive in the
life of Riopelle who would join the important group of Quebec artists,
the Automatistes, and being one of the signatories of the illustrious manifesto of 1948,
Global refusal. Riopelle later settled in Paris where he became the only
Canadian painter recognized in Europe and the rest of the world. Stylistically
linked to some of the most important currents of his time, Riopelle deploys a
rich and varied work which constitutes his main heritage, oscillating from a
completely new way between abstraction and figuration.