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Biga Fertility Doll, Mossi, Burkina Faso

Biga Fertility Doll, Mossi, Burkina Faso

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This is a “fertility doll” named Biga in the Mossi language. Biga dolls were given to little girls to bring them happiness, prosperity and fertility.

These small sculptures were the subject of attentive care. They were adorned with pearl necklaces and bracelets, symbolically fed and washed. Not only can the little girl imitate her mother and play this role, but society encourages her to adopt the doll as her “child”. The Biga, carefully preserved, is taken by the young bride to her husband because it is considered to stimulate pregnancy.

The Mossis are a West African people established in central Burkina Faso and northern Ghana, Togo and Benin.

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